Rebuilding Together Seattle has 5 spaces remaining for their 24th Annual Spring Rebuilding Day

This fiscal year Rebuilding Together Seattle helped 55 families in need of home repair services, with a goal to complete 112 projects by June 2014!

On Saturday, April 26th help celebrate their 24th Annual Spring Rebuilding Day; they hope to help at least 25 families in need.  Rebuilding Together Seattle also assists nonprofit organizations in need of facility repairs and improvements.  They currently have 5 spaces remaining for homeowners or nonprofit organizations who would like to receive assistance on Spring Rebuilding Day.  They need  your help in referring any individuals or communities in need to their organization.  All program services, including project materials and labor, are provided at NO cost to the individuals served.  Nonprofit organizations are encouraged to call their office at 206.682.1231 to first share about specific facility needs prior to applying.  Homeowners who do not have current homeowners insurance are also encouraged to call their office to discuss their needs. Rebuilding Together Seattle’s vision is a safe and healthy home for every person.

Download applications:

NPO Facility Application

Homeowner Application


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