Kids Bike-o-Rama Coming in June

What is Kids Bike-o-Rama? Twice a year, in June and December, Bike Works gets a whole bunch of bikes into the hands of a whole bunch of kids! The next Bike-o-Rama will be Saturday, June 11, 2016, from 10am-2pm. Partner organizations help Bike Works to identify low income families who have children in need of a working bike.

Want to be a Partner Organization? Our goal is to target communities in our own backyard. If you are an organization that works with low-income families in South Seattle, please contact for more information about partnership opportunities.

Where do the bikes come from? Throughout the year our youth and adult volunteers spend time refurbishing donated bikes during youth classes and drop-in and adult Volunteer Repair Party (VRP). These bikes are then given out at our Kids Bike-O-Rama and other programs. Interested in helping us fix bikes? For youth programs please contact For VRP or adult volunteer opportunities, please contact

Are helmets provided? YES!

What about Training Wheels? Bike Works believes in the method of learning to ride a bike that doesn’t use training wheels. In this method, we lower the seat and remove the pedals, allowing kids to push themselves along with their feet. When the child can coast and balance easily, we then add the pedals back on and raise the seat slightly. Read more here.  At Kids Bike-o-Rama we’ll have professionals ready to show you this technique and help get your kids rolling!

What about adults who need bikes? Check out our Bikes-for-All program for adults (18+) who need a bike at low or no cost!

How can I contribute? This is by far one of the cutest events at Bike Works! You can help by fixing bikes at Volunteer Repair Party, or join us the day-of the event to help us make the event run smoothly. For more information please contact

Does your company want to be a sponsor? Visit our sponsorship page.

What if I am not affiliated with a Partner Organization but my kid still needs a bike? Unfortunately, at this time we are only able to offer youth bikes through Partner Organizations.

For more information, please contact us at 206.695.2416 or