Complete Eats Program Expansion

Starting on Dec. 1st, 2018, shoppers with SNAP or EBT food benefits who spend at least $10 on fruits and vegetables using an EBT card and Safeway Club Card will receive a $5 coupon for their next purchase at any Safeway location in Washington. To find out more visit:

While Safeway stores in Seattle are technically not covered by Complete Eats, they do participate in in the Fresh Bucks program, which offers a similar discount in return for purchases of at least $10 worth of fresh fruits and veggies.

This follows new research published by Public Health, who “in conjunction with researchers at the University of Washington, performed a study to test the efficacy of three programs designed to increase fruit and vegetable consumption among residents of the South Seattle/South King County area,” writes Public Health Insider. To find a summary of the research as well as a link to the full article, please visit this page.