Changes Coming to Washington Apple Health

Apple Health (Medicaid) is shifting to whole-person care. Apple Health managed care plans will start to cover behavioral health treatment services (mental health and substance use disorder treatment), along with physical health services.

With whole-person care, coverage for behavioral health services will be coordinated through the same Apple Health plans currently providing physical health services. Clients will still get the same behavioral health benefits they get today. This change only affects how HCA approves and pays for them.
Most clients will remain with the same health plan; however, there are a few places where plans will no longer be an available choice within a county. Clients will stay enrolled in their current plan, unless that plan will not be an option in 2019 or 2020. In that case, HCA will auto-enroll clients to one of the offered plans.
King County residents will have the same plan choices in 2019 that they had in 2018. However, the Health Care Authority is sending a letter to all Apple clients in October letting them know about the changes that will start in January. King County residents should see no changes to their coverage. Click here for a sample copy of the letter. For more information about the changes, click here.